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Here at BluehostCouponSite.com we are dedicated to bringing you the best updated web specials from Bluehost.  This site is operated by a long time loyal customer of Bluehost.  I have been using Bluehost for over 7 years and have personally hosted over 30+ sites during the course of the years.  Bluehost by far as been by the most easy to work with  and most helpfull host, I have used.  Having used godaddy, dreamhost, and a few other hosts in the past before coming to Bluehost, it is easy to see the difference in reliability and customer service.

It’s one thing to promise one thing and actually follow up and do it. Bluehost backs up their uptime and service promises with a money back satisfaction guarantee.  I have recommended many friends and colleagues over the years to Bluehost and I personally stand by their service.

Why is the price so low?

Teaming up with Bluehost, we are able to offer this too good to be true deal to new subscribers.  The hope is that you will be so satisified during the intial tenure with Bluehost that you will become a long term customer. Losing money in the short term because of the low price will hopefully be subsized by having many satisfied customers in the long run. Bluehost is so confident in their service that they are willing to take that risk that you will be happy enough to stay with them.

Hopefully throughout your web hosting search you will be able to find a hosting that meets your needs at a reasonable price.  This site is designed to give you honest facts about Bluehost and at the same time offer you a special pricing so that you are able to save money in the process. If your looking for a reliable host that’s trusted by many and that listens carefully to their customers, give Bluehost a try.

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